Choosing a Property Developer


In order to choose the right property developer, one must first understand what property development entails. What a property developer does is complex and so is the decision of choosing the one that will most fit your needs. In most cases, they will first buy the land or lots, and then develop a strategy for marketing the property.



This is followed by designing a building program either to build houses which are then leased or ultimately sold off. There is also a lengthy public approval and financing process. While the work is complex, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Choosing a property developer is not an easy decision. It is a decision that will impact the buyer for a long time to come and must be made after considering all the issues before signing on the dotted line. Property developers in Perth also bring into the mix, city planners, architects, surveyors and realtors just to name a few of the people that are involved in the process. The developer is therefore responsible from the concept stage all the way to when the last house is sold. All this responsibility comes with a huge payoff at the end – all the more reason that you pay extra close attention to how you choose your property developer.

Choosing a property developer without the benefit of having a display home to look at is a risky venture. As a rule most good developers will have a display for the home buyer to preview before purchasing. Having a display home not only allows the buyer to view what the house will look like upon completion but will also enable the buyer to choose upgrades over the basic builder grade package. All reputable property development companies in Perth will have display homes readily available for you to peruse.

It is important that the developer’s previous properties be looked at. The proof is in the pudding as they say and there is no substitute for seeing with your own eyes what the developer has done in the past. This may require some digging through town hall records as the developer is likely to only tell you about his most successful ventures.
Where to buy is another decision not to be taken lightly. An important caution would be to check zoning of the property especially if you are against any commercial establishments that spring up in close proximity to your house.



Zoning laws that determine if an area is ‘commercial’ or ‘residential’ can be easily looked up by town officials.
Importantly choosing a property developer who is community focused is essential. Especially if the developer is creating a new development, proximity to town schools, perhaps communal facilities such as a park, tennis courts, swimming pools and even a clubhouse for residents demonstrates the developer’s interest in encouraging a strong sense of community along with providing the luxuries that go with it.



Ultimately, picking the right property developer can mean the difference between regretting your choice for a long time to come or living happily ever after! If you are looking for property development, Perth developers Property Group only work with accredited builders and planners to bring you the best in house and land packages.

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